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The attorneys at Furst + Lurie remember being asked a simple question at the beginning of their legal careers – “why do you want to be a lawyer?”  The answer from each of them – “to change the world.”

While this idealism motivated their careers, it still remains as an underlying principle in all they do for their clients; whether it involves defending them in a criminal matter, advocating on their behalf against an insurance carrier, or representing them in courts against fraudsters or others who would deprive them of their rights.  We learned that we cannot bend history; but we can change individual histories by the application of compassion, attention and creativity.photo3

The attorneys at Furst + Lurie are experienced trial and appellate attorneys who rely upon their philosophies and strategies to seek a just result for their clients.  Utilizing a cooperative approach in the firm, rather than merely existing effectively as a group of individual attorneys, they are able to work together to create strategies and theories to achieve their clients’ goals.  Rather than  a “litigation mill” where they handle extensive amounts of matters at any time, the attorneys at Furst + Lurie utilize a “quality over quantity” approach so that they can better focus their attention to each client’s matter rather than attempting to bring themselves up to date on each matter that falls on their desk.

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