Supreme CourtYou won your case, received an acquittal, or had a judgment in your favor; or, you lost your case, were found guilty or had a court rule against you.  Sometimes the Courts have committed error – judges are human after all.  Sometimes it requires a higher level court, an appellate court, to review the lower court’s decision to determine whether it applied the proper legal standards or otherwise committed what lawyers call “reversible error.”3rd cir

Furst & Lurie is experienced handling appeals from many different courts; from municipal court appeals, to appeals to the United States Supreme Court.  The lawyers at Furst & Lurie have personally handled more than 100 appeals and assisted in countless others in New Jersey, other states, and at the federal level.

second-circuitIf you believe that the court made an error in its ruling, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you.