The attorneys at Furst & Lurie devote a large portion of their practice to consumer beware

New Jersey has one of the most comprehensive set of laws designed to protect consumers.  However, since they are so comprehensive, there is a lot to know.  Many lawyers get tripped up and confused by the extensive laws.  It is beneficial to retain counsel who has extensive experience in the various laws.

CarDealershipPhotoThe lawyers at Furst & Lurie have litigated more than 100 consumer protection cases including ones that have resulted in reported opinions.  Indeed, one of the most important and regularly cited consumer case in New Jersey is Furst v. Einstein Moomjy where Henry Furst was the Plaintiff – the proverbial “not only a member, but a client.”  They have also been involved in one of the last class action consumer arbitrations permitted due to a change in the laws, been involved in shutting down many corrupt business, and assisted in shedding light on some of the most improper business practices in the State.  As a result of their zealous advocacy, many of our prior adversaries send their clients and friends to Furst & Lurie.

While they typically represent clients on the Plaintiff’s side; their experience and knowledge representing individuals aggrieved by businesses has also made the attorneys at Furst & Lurie a valuable asset to defendants who are sued under the consumer protection law.  Their meticulous nature in handling plaintiff’s side matters permits them to pick through complaints filed against their clients to find weaknesses and, in some cases, improper claims.  Further, their knowledge of the laws helps them to determine when to fight, and when to walk away.  Indeed, there are some times where damage control is the best defense.